Hi, I am Álvaro

(pronounced /ˈɑlbɑɾo/ or AL-bar-raw)

I am an innovation lover and consultant based in A Coruña, Spain. Previously I have lived in Mexico, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom.I currently work for Zara.com, one of the biggest eCommerce in the world. There, I act as the Technical Head in the Returns department.I also write articles, teach digital transformation and talk at tech events.

If you came here looking for:My innovation book, click ➡️here.
The podcast I used to host (in Spanish), click ➡️here. I have stopped podcasting for a while.


I frequently write articles on innovation. You can check my blog on Medium. If you want a brief but nice summary, I recommend that you check out my recent book:

What we talk about when we talk about innovation

The advent of smart technology explained to people in a hurry

Digital innovation and transformation are key to the performance and sustainability of the life of organizations and people. As machines continue to increase their presence at work, fewer people will be needed. How to prepare? For companies, it is essential to put together the right mix of strategy, structure, culture, and processes. For people, it is key to understand new smart technologies, methodologies, and an attitude towards change.


I have provided freelance consulting to companies on business strategy, eCommerce, agile methodologies, and automation technologies.

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I also co-own a company in Mexico in which we provide software outsourcing capabilities, innovation, and digital transformation services. Feel free to contact at alvaro (at) cubidigital.com


I have spoken on many forums around the world about innovation from a practical outlook. I tend to include practical tips and simple examples to inspire audiences to start as soon as they get back to work.Recent events
Digital Customer Centricity for Danone (Spanish, 2020) | Website
Online interview for IICIE Toronto (English, 2020) | YouTube
Bayer Destino Digital, Pharma Conference (Spanish, 2020) | Slides
Book presentation for NGO Protestemos Aprendiendo (Spanish, 2020) | Slides
Conecta Latam Mexico, Telco Conference (Spanish, 2019) | Slides
Panamerican University, talk on innovation (Spanish, 2018) | Slides
Tijuana Innova, talk on entrepreneurship (Spanish, 2018) | Slides
Agile for HR (Spanish, 2017) | Slides

Among others, I have taught or given seminars for these institutions: